Figures in a Floating Landscape

Sunderland College Arts Academy, Bede Campus, Sunderland SR3 4AH

Figures In A Floating Landscape by Dora Frankel and Peter Coyte Music and dance fuse in an immersive performance inspired by the Kent walks and later improvisatory sketches of the much loved and radical landscape painter JMW Turner. Assured, accessible, exciting dance and music to transport you. Whether you are new to contemporary dance or already a fan, the show is suitable for all. If you are interested in music, dance and art, this is perfect for you. Do you support the need for urgent action to stop climate change? This appeals to those that are interested in the environment and climate change. Figures In A Floating Landscape is a dance, music, sonic soundscape performance with 2 musicians and 4 dancers by choreographer Dora Frankel and composer Peter Coyte. It delves deep into Turner’s later work when he resided in Kent and contextualises them in relation to today’s climate change, the damage to the town coastline and the evolution of the towns he knew so well. This is Peter and Dora’s 3rd collaboration and the 2nd part of the Turner trilogy, the first being The Unfolding Sky: Turner in the North with planned creation of the 3rd and final part in 2021. Dora is delighted to be returning to the state of the art' Arts Academy on Bede Campus, Sunderland College, bringing a new ensemble with her. We warmly invite you to join us for 60 minutes of gripping live music and dance, following a discussion to end an fantastic evening. ‘I love the fact that every-one can do the lifts whether they are men or women, the gender equality’ - Figures In A Floating Landscape sharing, Dance City, Newcastle, 2019 'Loved the music, venue, dance and costumes. Immersion in Turner through wonderful dance' - Unfolding Sky Turner In The North, 2013